Field Day 2011


Would like to thank everyone who helped set-up and Tear-down Field Day....Without all your hard work this great event wouldn't be possible. I don't have a clue how we ended up in point standings, & From my perspective who cares as long as your having fun...We had more antenna's up in the air for a total of six, More than I ever witnessed in the short 6-7 years Ive been a member. The event was more contained this year which I thought was nice. Had a great time demonstrating to myself that I had put together a go-kit & Antenna (Buddi-pole) package that was easily deployed and contained everything needed to make several nice contacts. We also lucked out with Mother nature. We started the day looking like rain, Luckily it went around us.....The weather was great. It allowed everyone the comfort to sit around and socialize. Or in the case of one senior club member take a nap (Wont mention who)..Mac, Hope you had a good time..The evening meal went great with lot's of side dishes to choose from, (Didn't see any chips) Sorry for those who weren't able to join us, You missed out on a great time....Thanks again!!!! Corey/ KC0YNS

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