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It's amazing how the Fibonacci number show up everywhere. Over the past year or two I've bought > 10 of the Teaching Company courses and one explored them for several lectures. Their courses are perfect for subjects which you would never in a million years take but which you are interested in. There is a web site listing professors who have been rated by their students. From prior customers they get a topic suggestion list and then go to these professors to create a 24 or 36 lecture course. Some are completely over my head, e.g. the 24 lecture course on shape in which I learned that there is a discrete mathematics system to describe oragami designs. Some like Meteorology are mostly comprehensible lesson to lesson but when it comes to describing how midwest storms operate fueled by convective available potential energy they require watching all previous lessons again to get get it fully.

On the subject of young scholars, my boss's niece won second or third place in the recent Intel science talent hunt, and she is blind. I agree with the motto of the American Negro College Fund that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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