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Don Moore <DonM@...>

Please see below, if you are able to help, please contact Rebecca at the number or email address below.




Don M.



From: Rebecca Carroll [mailto:kc9cij@...]
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 11:10
To: kc9cij@...
Subject: Bike MS


For those of you that were at the Columbia training this past Friday, I want to thank you for attending.  For those of you in St Louis, I want to remind you that training will be this upcomming Friday at 6pm.


For all of you I am asking for help.  This morning we lost 3 SAG drivers.  2 of those SAG drivers were also their own communicators.  If you can think of anyone that is willing to help at this event, please have them contact me.  We are only 18 days from the bike ride.  Any and all help you can give me with this appreciated.


My telephone number is 314-496-7271 and my email is kc9cij@...


Rebecca Carroll

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