February 2011 CMRA minutes

Bill McFarland <wmcfarland@...>

CMRA minutes from 8-Feb-11


Meeting called to order by president Daniel, KC0UTW, at 7:03 PM CST with 21 members present at check-in time.


January 2011 minutes were approved on motion by N0UBC, and second KC0HSB


Treasurer’s report:

Checking             $1,498.92

Savings               $2,254.93

CD                   $2,252.96


Old business:

K0YBN had received a call from some concluding that our old web site is a disservice displaying .old data and wrong information. President suggested that this item was on his agenda and referred to KM0R, who referred to KD0IRU.

Jake, KD0IRU, reported on. progress on the new club website.  It is not yet ready to go live, but in-progress and maybe ready by next month. After some discussion, the club is hoping to see the new web site for the next meeting.


Dave, KD0EAG, brought up the place of the forums/board, and agreed to wait until later in the meeting for update.


Don, KM0R, announced the need for a volunteer to convert the old data that has been archived on the old web site. These data exist now in different formats from pdf to whatever. Club agreed that the data should be converted to the common form of PDF files. N0AXZ volunteered to convert data to PDF, as KM0R supplies the old files from the old web site.


Mike, AC0G, reminded the club that new license classes would begin the third Saturday of this month, 2/19/11. Wes, AB0SE, and Nathan, AC0MZ, are helping AC0G to get it all together. Any one wanting to help out is welcome to join this group for 8 Saturdays in a row.

Mike is getting club station cleaned up, as these classes will be held there. Magazines are yet to be disposed of including old QSTs from 30’s. Club agreed these old magazines should go to Max, KC0SRL. Dale, AE0S, also has old magazines, if anyone wants them. Some space will be freed up as these magazines get moved out. Station can be opened at request from members. Mike, AC0G, Dale, AE0S, and Don, KM0R, have keys. Club emergency generator was last started 2years ago.


There was no discussion of frozen toes.


Don, KM0R, reported that kits are available for the club for muting a radio, as it monitors repeaters for emergency opportunities. The mute will be opened by tone from repeater. Muting will open and then go off in 60 seconds, so you can monitor what is going on and take any action you want after hearing why the net is being called up. The kits can be functioning on 76 and/or 61.


Don, N0UBC, reported that the Wednesday net had QNI of 30 2 weeks ago and 18 last week.


Daniel, KC0UTW, reminded the club of the auction. Bob, K0YBN, reported that the room is reserved. Pam, KD0GRQ, is one of 2 coordinators for getting auction organized. There is the need for a second volunteer. Please get in touch with Pam.


New business:

John, KC0HSB, reported that the newsletter goes on the forum just a few days before the meeting and that is when the minutes first appear, as well. This was the procedure John inherited. We could make newsletter separate from minutes, and publish minutes soon after the meeting to which they refer. Discussion on timeliness of these processes lead to the following:


Mike, AC0G, reported that there would be changes to take advantage of with the new coming web site, earlier referenced. Email is probably going to be the preferred avenue of dissemination of minutes, and other information to the club. An Email list-server will be used for information sharing among members. Archives could be made available in a dynamic real time connection point for the club. System needs accurate email lists and we could seed the list server, which could be up and running as reported by Don, KM0R. Web sites need to be nurtured and kept up to date for public information sharing. Management of mail in the system is by the user. K0YBN asked about using gmail account to receive and mchsi account to send to the list. The system Don has up will accommodate two email accounts.


Motion was approved to have Don and Mike build the list server and make it live asap. Don will seed this server with the list of emails that we are capturing in the check-in list now circulating. Don will also send a message via the forums system to say get moved over to this club list server. The forums/board system will eventually go away.


Dave, KD0EAG, pointed out the some of the features we have on the forums system will probably be lost in the list server application.


Minutes can be emailed via list server soon after the meeting. Minutes will also be provided to the web master for posting on the web site. 


It was moved and approved to retire the newsletter for the time being to see if we need a newsletter in the future..


Daniel, KC0UTW, reviewed the club officers who were voted on last month. Officers are:

President:                     Daniel, KC0UTW

Vice-President:            Mike, AC0G

Treasurer:                    Don, KM0R

Recording Secretary:            Bill, N0AXZ

Corresponding Secretary: John, KC0HSB


Daniel, KC0UTW, asked if there were anyone interested in having a Ham fest???? The question was raised about any other clubs joining us on the ham-fest? It was reported that this had not been  successful.  It has not made money in the past few years. The auction makes money for the club, and was initiated to cover the ham-fests costs. No takers.


It was reported that a weather spotting class would be held 2/24 @ 6:30 at the training facility, address:  5001 Meyer Industrial Dr. You must RSVP to zim@.... There is room for only 75 attendees.


Fulton is also holding one on March 3 with two sessions 2:00 and 6:30. Venue will be the  Callaway County Health dept. See Bill, WB0MAF for more info/


Mike, AC0G, reported on upcoming programs for club meetings:

March: Dewey, WM0H, on MARS

April: Mac, K4CHS, on the MO intertie network

May Don, KM0R to discuss Winlink, etc.

June – field day

July auction

August Hank to discuss psk.


April meeting will not be at Boone Electric. Place will be announced later.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Dave, KV0S, presented an enlightening program on SDR.


Respectively submitted,


Bill, N0AXZ, recording secretary.

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