Re: Ralph Howard in hospital.

Tim Spurgeon

Porcine Posse (all central Missouri HAMs):

I just received a call from Jerry Coats (K0ATS). Ralph's wife, Catherine, called Jerry to say that Ralph went to the VA, Friday, because he was having some racing heart issues. They discovered he has some blood clots on his lungs. So they are working on breaking up the clots and performing a heart scan.

Then I received this from Ralph:

Hi Tim,

I'm plumbed about every where. They found blood clots on lungs. Heart is now in flutter mode. Not great but better than AFIB.

Will be here until Monday best case. But they need to get this under control.

Got about 2 hours sleep since Friday.

So I dunno if I will make BCARES.



So keep Ralph and Catherine in your prayers, as well as the doctors and nurses at the VA tending Ralph, that they will successfully diagnose Ralph and get him on the mend.


on behalf of Jerry(K0ATS),
on behalf of Catherine(KA9MNZ),
on behalf of Ralph(WD6BGN).

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