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I vote yes.

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I vote yes.

Myron Kern 

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KC0ACS votes yes
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Yes. (Reminder: I can provide internet access from UPA with a set of NS5’s if needed (I have both NS5’s available) )
Brad Wilmot
Systems Administrator
University Place Apartments
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Subject: [CMRA] DMR radio opportunity
  We have been made a proposal to replace one of our repeaters.  This happens to be our UHF repeater, that used to be the intertie to St. Louis that has been defunct for some time now.  We need yo get a vote and have support for this before we commit to any kind of change.  We will make it clear to the Back Yard Repeater Group (BYRG) that for their offer to work for us it will need to be a UHF repeater.  We are being offered this repeater for free.  There are some details to work out, but the repeater committee will discuss this if we have enough interest in this project.  Please reply with your name, callsign and your vote of yes or no.
President CMRA
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