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Alex Gray


I believe that I was one of the end feds you scanned. (Thanks again by the way!). 

Mine was the mfj model

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Thanks for the suggestion.


Fred AE0FD

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You might research HFedz Antennas. I just received the HFedz 6m-80m. May not install for awhile. Mike, km0mvr.

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Thanks !

Paul is on the list so he can see the make/model information.


Fred AE0FD

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I believe one of them was Jonathon's (AD0ZE) here is a link for that antenna:


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At Field Day this year I scanned one or two end fed half wave
dipoles. At that time I was not interested in that antenna design so
I did not memorize the make/model(s) of any I scanned and did not
save any such scans.

I'm helping Paul KE0IKG to get on HF. The problem is that he rents a
downstairs only apartment which greatly limits his antenna choices,
and has a landlord who has in the past grouched at his dual band
antenna hoisted up in a 40-50 ft tree in his back yard.

Question: What was the make/model of that/those end fed dipoles which
I scanned at Field Day? I think that would be invisible unless it was
pointed out.


Fred AE0FD

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