Re: HT antenna scanning party after tonight's meeting

Fred Dittrich


I'll drop by at ~6:30ish.


Fred AE0FD

At 04:21 PM 8/14/2018, you wrote:

Fred, can you come and pick up my AA-600?  I.probably will miss the meeting tonight


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From: Fred Dittrich <fdittric@...>
Date: 8/14/18 12:49 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [CMRA] HT antenna scanning party after tonight's meeting


Wes AB0SE is gong to bring his AA-600 to the meeting tonight and
after any scheduled program we are going to scan any/all HT antennas
with his unit. This way there will be some overlap showing the same
model antenna being scanned by Wes's and this will give us a sense of
how consistent two different AA-600's are which in turn gives a
feeling for the reliability of my scans.


Fred AE0FD

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