Re: DMR Codeplug Question

Don - KM0R

Thanks Fred!  Brian asked me at the meeting Tuesday and I couldn’t remember off hand how to do it.


Don – KM0R


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Inside towards the bottom you will find:

The program supports the AnyTone AT-D868UV. IMPORTANT: For use with AnyTone CPS 1.26 and later, use the CPS Tool->Export Data Conversion File command to produce a DCF file readable by Contact Manager.

If I remember correctly this is the trick.



At 09:01 AM 9/6/2018, you wrote:

I have had issue with getting the codeplug to go back into the Contact Manager software after it has been utilized in the Anytone Software - I have heard there is a way to export the codeplug so that contact manager can see it again after - to allow for changes.  Can anyone enlighten me how to do this so that I can modify my codeplug?

Thanks and 73,


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