Re: 10m Net testing, tonight, Sept 19, 2018, 9:30-10:00pm CST, Report from W0TES.

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I must have missed a stitch somewhere.  Tell me more about testing on 10
meter, please.


On 09/19/2018 11:40 PM, Tim Spurgeon wrote:

Thanks to all who participated; sorry I could not hear you, Ralph. It has taken me about 30 minutes to get my car and all equipment pulled in the garage and put away. I wanted to write up a report before I forget, as follows:

Thanks to Jim for pulling this together tonight.

My equipment: Kenwood TS-2000 radio, 100 watts, through an Alpha antenna, Model: EZ Military vertical, 6-80 meters, (I did not use the counterpoise or ground on radio) mounted on a section of 10 ft TV antenna pole. I had to quickly relearn button settings and finally was able to switch back and forth, between CW-AM and Voice-USB/FM on 28.325 MHz. I did not hear Jim (N0SSM) on CW the first time, but first heard him on Voice-USB/FM. I did not hear anyone answer back, so I replied; I think we made first contact tonight. I could hear Jim, Earnest, Myron, Roy, although I did not have a conversation with Roy. Wow, was I impressed with the relative signal strength of CW from Jim's transmission.

While we were talking, sorry I did not use your call signs. In my hast to get set up, I did not have a pen to write anything down.

My take on tonight's experiment: A good first start; let's try several more times, and I challenge everyone who participates to start maximizing there equipment (for example, elevate antennas, change antennas, etc.). If you do not have a paddle, buy one and learn some minor CW phrases, so we can all try out CW. Jim, Roy, and John, you can help us in this, where anyone who wants to try this out learns to receive and send some simple CW phrases. But, let's not write off 10 meters yet. What say you?

From Ralph (WD6BGN), he wrote the following:
I guess nobody heard me.
I heard Jim on CW just fine. I also copied Jim, you, and Roy on SSB.

I had issues getting a key to work. Old corrode d contacts. I was also on the folded dipole, about one or two S units down from the windom.

Please fwd to Jim and all, thanks

Dit dit

Ralph Howard
ARRL EC Howard
Sent from LG Pad.


Tim E. Spurgeon

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