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James Whitehill

Jon, thanks for the test effort.  You are not more than 4-5 miles away from me and maybe half that from Tim, W0TES.  Maybe the ground wave skipped over you.  I'll try to setup another test, with more warning and time for folks to set up.  This time we will use 76 machine for liaison, as WD6BGN suggested.  BTW Ralph heard my SSB signal down in the noise during the test.  He's 28 mi. away.

​Jim, N0SSM

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Jim and All,

I listened on 10m but didn’t hear a peep at my place. I’m guessing my antenna is just too low relative to the local terrain. 

Jon Cole, N0OFJ

On Sep 21, 2018, at 4:49 PM, James Whitehill <whitehill@...> wrote:

The 10 meter test was cooked up over last Wednesday's (9/19) Hyvee lunch meeting and announced by me on the CMRA net at 9:00 p.m., in terms of time and frequency, as well as the purpose.  The time of the test was right after the CMRA net closed and the frequency was 28.325 mHz, so CW and SSB could be tested, mainly in terms of the range of reception from my QTH just west of Pierpont.  I started transmission in cw with the mss. in Morse of "V V V de N0SSM" sent twice and ending with "AR K".  No one replied with cw that I could hear, so I switched to SSB.  In order of signal strength: W0TES was the big signal, then W0ZH, and finally KC0EZE.  I heard no one else.  But WD6BGN reported hearing my cw, and his QTH in Clark is approx. 28 mi. to the north.  I was transmitting with 100w. into a good vertical on my hill.

The purpose was to find out how and if 10 meters could serve during darkness as a place for a local cw practice net, especially for cw learners and slow fists.  The first question was the range of reception, in terms of direction and strength.  The evidence after this "test" is indefinite.  Clearly, my SSB signal reached out only 2.8 miles, to Ernest in south Columbia.  My impression is that those who participated scrambled to get their antennas up and working for 10 meters! 

I would like to run a further test in the near future, with a proper, pre-published plan, to encourage more folks to listen in on 10 meters and report the possible range using ground wave.

 My guess is that 10 meters can reach out much further than line of site with its ground wave alone.  That would allow it to be a backup to 2 meters if the 2 meter repeater went down for whatever reason. 

But my primary goal is to get a cw net going locally to help hams interested in learning, improving,  or showing off their cw skills.  Technician licensees can usually get on 28 mHZ, because antennas are small, if they have a HF rig.  The other option, possibly,  for a local cw practice net may be using the 2 meter repeater, and sending cw tones via FM.  

Thanks to Tim, Myron, Ernest and Ralph for listening, responding,  and reporting last Wednesday!

Jim, N0SSM

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Subject: [EXT]Re: [CMRA] 10m Net testing, tonight, Sept 19, 2018, 9:30-10:00pm CST, Report from W0TES.
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I am in Springfield, Mo for my dad's surgery.  Contact Jim Whitehill for details; he led the exercise.

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I must have missed a stitch somewhere.  Tell me more about testing on 10
meter, please.


On 09/19/2018 11:40 PM, Tim Spurgeon wrote:
> Brothers:
> Thanks to all who participated; sorry I could not hear you, Ralph.  It has taken me about 30 minutes to get my car and all equipment pulled in the garage and put away.  I wanted to write up a report before I forget, as follows:
> Thanks to Jim for pulling this together tonight.
> My equipment: Kenwood TS-2000 radio, 100 watts, through an Alpha antenna, Model: EZ Military vertical, 6-80 meters, (I did not use the counterpoise or ground on radio) mounted on a section of 10 ft TV antenna pole.  I had to quickly relearn button settings and finally was able to switch back and forth, between CW-AM and Voice-USB/FM on 28.325 MHz.  I did not hear Jim (N0SSM) on CW the first time, but first heard him on Voice-USB/FM.  I did not hear anyone answer back, so I replied; I think we made first contact tonight.  I could hear Jim, Earnest, Myron, Roy, although I did not have a conversation with Roy.  Wow, was I impressed with the relative signal strength of CW from Jim's transmission.
> While we were talking, sorry I did not use your call signs.  In my hast to get set up, I did not have a pen to write anything down.
> My take on tonight's experiment: A good first start; let's try several more times, and I challenge everyone who participates to start maximizing there equipment (for example, elevate antennas, change antennas, etc.).  If you do not have a paddle, buy one and learn some minor CW phrases, so we can all try out CW.  Jim, Roy, and John, you can help us in this, where anyone who wants to try this out learns to receive and send some simple CW phrases.  But, let's not write off 10 meters yet.  What say you?
> ****************************************
> >From Ralph (WD6BGN), he wrote the following:
> I guess nobody heard me.
> I heard Jim on CW just fine.  I also copied Jim, you, and Roy on SSB.
> I had issues getting a key to work.  Old corrode d contacts.  I was also on the folded dipole, about one or two S units down from the windom.
> Please fwd to Jim and all, thanks
> Dit dit
> Ralph Howard
> ARRL EC Howard
> Sent from LG Pad.
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> 73
> Tim E. Spurgeon
> (W0TES)

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