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Count me in.


On Sep 24, 2018, at 11:33 PM, Bill McFarland <billmcfarland10@...> wrote:


I am still in AR for a couple weeks, but need to start planning for our SET this year.

This SET will be held November 3, 9:00 - 12:00.

I want to begin by asking all who are able and willing to reply to this email to let me know that you can participate this year. The exercise will be similar to the last two, in that we will be deployed to sites that Boone County OEM has picked across the county.

We will be exercising our 146.610 repeater for this test and accessing it's county-wide coverage. Some ICS 213 forms will be used and I hope we can use Winlink to deliver these by radio. We plan to activate two hospitals this year too.

We had 22 Hams participating last year, and I hope we can get at least that many this year. If you just got your Tech license this exercise is for you, since we only use 2M/440 frequencies. (We also get extra points for newly licensed hams). HTs are of limited value in this exercise, but if that is all you have, we can work that out.  

I hope to hear from you soon, as I am trying to organize this remotely. 

Bill N0AXZ

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