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The Heathkit appears to be a HW101, Can’t tell about the National, Many of the older Nationals were seperate radios for receivers & Transmitters, But not all.... Reminder of my last post, Even if they power on you’d be very luck if they’d play... Being.15 plus years since being powered on they’ll need the capacitors changed. Not a big job if you have soldering skills..... oh yeah,  That Heathkit will need a power supply. Hp23? (Guess)    

Owner sent me an Email 
Told him there wasn’t much value there unless some parts noo

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FYI, the top one looks like a National and the bottom is a Heathkit. Otherwise, I don’t know enough to be of any help. 

Jon Cole, N0OFJ

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It come through just not a real good.

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He probably doesn't know - did the picture not come through - looks like it is a heathkit.

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Who know's if they work or not, I would be interested in taking a look though.  Could you possible post some name and model #'s


Will - KE0PKO

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Received this email please email the originator if interested!

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Hello, I am not a ham radio operator but my father was at one time. He is in his late 90s now and my brother has been going thru our dad's basement here in Columbia . He found what looks like 2 old ham radios and a couple boxes of vacuum tubes etc. My guess is the radio is from the 50s/60s. 

What are my options with this equipment?  Is it worth trying to sell, (have no idea if it works) or just junk it? Would there be anybody in your org interested in looking at this radio? I have attached a pic of the radio to give you an idea what I got here. Can get better pics if needed.

Thanks for your time! -TJones

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