Fw: Used equipment


Oassing this aling if anyine is interested please contact him directly!



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From: Bill Fox <wa0wf@...>
Date: 10/27/18 07:25 (GMT-06:00)
To: k0si@...
Subject: Fw: Used equipment

I have some used equipment that I'd like to sell and would appreciate your passing this on to members who might be interested.  The equipment is located at 12182 Fox Estates Lane in Holts Summit.  As I am leaving for Mexico on November 7th I am trying to make someone a good deal.  Equipment follows:

50' Rohn 65 tower, will have to be taken down.
Mosley TA-33 antenna, needs work
HD33 rotator.  I think the meter is bad in the control box
Drake R4-B  with speaker.  Works great but the marker oscillator doesn't seem to work
Ten-Tec Corsair (If  I can find it--haven't yet)  like new.
Globe Scout cw/am xmtr
Heathkit VFO
Heathkit VTVM
SWR meter
Misc small stuff

Bill Fox
Phone number 573 295 6431.

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