Re: New MidMO ARC.Repeater Installed

Ralph Howard

Well done!  The 147.00 repeater is a valuable addition to my coverage tool box.  My qth is about 7 miles west of Clark, just about at the Rudolf Bendet conservation area.

I am running a super J pole up about 25'.  Rig is Kenwood TS 2000 running 100 watts.

Ralph Howard
ARRL EC Howard County, MO

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From: jcbiggerstaff
Date: Thu, Nov 8, 2018 12:25 AM
Subject:Re: [CMRA] New MidMO ARC.Repeater Installed

147.00 with a negative offset,  127.3 ctcss tone.  We have been getting good coverage reports with checkins from North Howard County and Clark tonight.  We do appreciate all who checked in.
73,  Jim

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