February Exercise- Columbia Black/White out

Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

I have been suggesting at meetings and net announcements that I am preparing an exercise for February 16 at 10:00 AM. After I actually lost power for 49 hours, I have a little different view on what we should do. 
Here is the plan:
1. Encourage the real use of non-commercial power for the exercise. Get gas for your generator. Make sure your stand-by batteries are charged. Start up the generator and put a load on it like, a light, or TV or something besides your radio. If your computer needs AC, make sure you have that in your plan, so you can get digital as necessary. 
2. Access how well we can communicate off grid, and by simplex. (61 repeater is on emergency power, but suppose Ice brings the antenna down??)  
3. Install and try out MMSSTV for Slow Scan TV operation over your radio. You will need a sound card connection for the radio to computer. Download MMSSTV and try it our. We could practice after the net on Wednesday. Have sound card capabilities on your 2M radio, as well as HF.


Boone Count severely affected by Ice storm. Many power lines down. Red Cross opens warming shelters for those whose power is off. Icy roads cause traffic hazards. Cell towers are down, or overloaded.

OEM asks BCARES to get reports of roads and power outages around the county.



Your Family is secured and OK. (if that doesn't happen, you aren't on the radio!)

Your power is off. You must use emergency power. If that means you must operate from your vehicle in your driveway, OK. HTs will be limited if repeaters are down.


10:00 AM Check in on the 146.61 repeater (it has an emergency generator).

We will take voice reports from your home. (Does any one need help, like Paul needs a path to his car in the 16"snow bank. Ernest has snow blower, will travel)

61 repeater goes down, move net to HVTac-6F, or Airport UHF repeater.

Establish connection/relays to NCS.

Get Pictures from around your area, send via MMSTV 2M simplex and attached file to Winlink P-P.

Can anyone get to the Broadway Christian Church to assist with Red Cross shelter there?

--------------------end of scenario ----------------------

Anyone want to make some suggestions, especially from a real world experience? Open to ideas here and now.

Have a good weekend (listen for ISS with your MMSSTV setup!)



Bill N0AXZ

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