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Ernast,  My Thoughts are the same, We need to set up another Digi in Notthern Boone County. 

If Mike Woods is watching the discussion from the Mexico club, I’ve heard discussions of their Club planning on putting up a Digi really high on a tower. May or maynot help Rex in his travel. 


On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 7:51 AM, Ernest Shaw <ernestcshaw@...> wrote:

One of my thoughts was that maybe instead of cross band, he would be interested in setting up an digi. :)


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Another part of the problem is the lack of digipeters and APRS nodes north of US 63.  It is a digital black hole.

Ralph Howard

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I’ll work with him on it.  It might be complicated with our current Igate situation.   I’ll see if I can’t get that resolved too.  


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Is there anyone available to shed some light on this individuals situation?

please respond directly to this user, and let us know if you help him, so others will be aware!


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Please forward to the appropriate member with APRS experience.

I have been playing with APRS the last few days and trying to learn the
format.  I finally was able to get my PC to PTT on my IC-7100 using a
virtual com port.

I was hoping to get some elmering on APRS and to make sure my messages
are formatted properly.  I've been reading some, but I'm sure I will
miss some details and don't want to cause any issues.

I am located in Shelbina, MO and often travel towards Quincy. Today I
traveled in lower and central Shelby County.  It seems to be a stretch
to hit the Centralia digipeater.  I am hitting it at the high spots but
many of my transmissions are not making the system.  It is possible that
my audio signals are not set correctly.  I was reading about setting
them tonight so I should check them sometime soon for proper
modulation.  In the mean time I may lower my input audio and see if I
see any improvement.

My current setup is on a truck using a 5/8 wave ground plane antenna,
IC-7100, Win10 laptop running direct USB connection to the 7100.  I am
running "soundmodem" by UZ7HO to a virtual com port, which interfaces to
PTT the 7100 using the ICOM USB driver on COM3.  Today I was using
APRSIS32 for a user interface.

I ran trips along the same or similar path using 20-50 watts. Power
level didn't make a lot of difference.  Just seemed to be terrain
related.  I'd say I am on the fringe of coverage area.  I had issues
decoding the transmissions from the digipeater, but could hear them on
the radio fine.  I don't think I am getting two digipeaters at the same
time, but I suppose that could be possible.  Pre-amp may have helped a
little, but I'm not sure.  In several areas there is a lot of power line
noise on my S-meter, so I'm sure that is not helping the signal.  (power
lines on both sides of an E-W road and a power substation)

I'm hoping you can look at my packets and be sure I don't have any
settings bothering the system or causing extra repeats.  I tested
tracking today (2-19-19) and sent an email and message to another APRS
user in the local area.  The email was a problem because I was not
getting a confirming ACK repeated and didn't know if the packet made the
trip to Centralia.

If acceptable I could try crossband repeating my signals from UHF to a
small repeater on VHF out to the system.  This would probably cure my
poor coverage area, but I would need a suggestion and approval on which
UHF frequency to try.

Thanks and 73!

Rex Weatherford

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