Re: VE Test Sessions This Week

Hillman, Richard E.

I can come. Which door do we enter???

Richard AC0MP

On Mar 17, 2019, at 5:50 PM, Fred Dittrich <fdittric@...> wrote:


Since there will be ~8 test takers on Monday night, it would make life a lot easier if two additional VE's could come and help out. So far the ones I know about are Jon, Big Jon, and myself.


Fred AE0FD

At 04:53 PM 3/17/2019, you wrote:
A reminder to the VEs among us that we are testing the tech class students tomorrow night at 8:00 PM at the Columbia Area Career Center at 4203 S. Providence Rd., just north of Rockbridge High School. We also have a regular Test session Tuesday night at 7:00 PM at the Lenoir Woods Community Center at 1 Hourigan Drive.

Jon Cole, N0OFJ, VE Liaison

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