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Hank, That’s a very nice thing to give for the bcares group... I’d say the material listed is 600-700 worth or more if they have enough people at Boonville....Hopefully the group will Ofer it to members at a fair market value....
One thing I noticed is that Alinco radio if it’s a mk3 should have the aprs board built in....


On Sunday, March 17, 2019, 5:46 PM, Henry Taylor <hank008@...> wrote:

Is anybody going to the swap meet in Boonville as a seller (aka vender)?

Why I ask is that, having just passed my 80th b-day, I realize I have
stuff lying around that I never use, in good working order. I would like
to donate it to the BCARES treasury (which, from the latest minutes of
the Club, desperately needs it).  I can't make the swap meet myself (for
health reasons) but if someone can get it there, the proceeds would go

Not a comprehensive list, but here's the heaviest items:  these are all
in working order when last used, but not recently.

Yaesu FT80-C HF transceiver

Kenwood TS 520SE HF transceiver and it's mic with special 4-point connector

Alinco DR135 MKiii 2-meter transceiver

Ericcson SVR-200U UHF transceiver

Radio Shack 1000 channel pro-235 scanner (receiver)

Astron RS 20A power supply

Kenwood PS50 power supply

Kenwood SP 430 speaker

A bunch of smaller items, like Accutrack minidrive, small Micronta
12-volt power supply, etc.

I have no idea what the $ value is, for any of this stuff.  What I would
do if I could be there myself, is state (or have a sign) t that says
it's for BCARES and any reasonable offer accepted.

Any volunteers?  If so, can arrange pickup most any time before the event.


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