Re: VE Test Sessions This Week

Fred Dittrich


On the south side of the career center it is the far west glass doors. Once inside, turn left, then follow the hallway to the right, and look for an open classroom with familiar faces.

The career center is nominally at 4303 S Providence Road.


Fred AE0FD

At 06:49 PM 3/17/2019, you wrote:
I can come. Which door do we enter???

Richard AC0MP

On Mar 17, 2019, at 5:50 PM, Fred Dittrich <fdittric@...> wrote:


Since there will be ~8 test takers on Monday night, it would make
life a lot easier if two additional VE's could come and help out. So far the ones I know about are Jon, Big Jon, and myself.


Fred AE0FD

At 04:53 PM 3/17/2019, you wrote:
A reminder to the VEs among us that we are testing the tech
class students tomorrow night at 8:00 PM at the Columbia Area Career Center at 4203 S. Providence Rd., just north of Rockbridge High School. We also have a regular Test session Tuesday night at 7:00 PM at the Lenoir Woods Community Center at 1 Hourigan Drive.

Jon Cole, N0OFJ, VE Liaison

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