Free - Motorola R2200 Service Monitor - Needs Work

Brad Wilmot

Good morning all,
I was just going to toss this thing in the dumpster, but thought better of it...
I have a Motorola R2200 service monitor which is in need of repair, but I don't have the time or eyesight to deal with it.
Now that I have my R2600, it's just taking up space.
The "sense receive" function works fine (OTA RX with an antenna), but there is little to no RF in GEN mode, and the power meter doesn't seem to work properly.  May be an easy fix, I don't know.
Service manual is available:

If someone wants to come by my place (University Place Apartments) and pick it up, they're welcome to it.
WARNING: This thing is bloody HEAVY. With the battery in it, I bet it weights every bit of 50 lbs...


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