K0SI DMR Repeater Change

Chris Swisher

After a user chose not to follow a guideline posted at K0SI.net for the DMR repeater, effective immediately the following talkgroups are not available on the K0SI DMR repeater system: World Wide (91), USA Bridge (3100), Tac310, Tac311, Tac312, Tac313, Tac314, Tac315, Tac316, Tac317, Tac318 and Tac319. These groups have been identified as not being utilized in an appropriate manner by the repeater trustee.

I had hoped to deal with users on an individual basis when the user was not following the group guidelines, but the lack of contact information for non-member users passing through central Missouri have prompted this change. Remember: DO NOT just bring up a talk group to listen. If you key up a talk group it has to be with the intention to have a conversation. If you do not hear a conversation worth joining, or cannot raise a conversation by identifying, then let the timer expire and reset the time slot.

The use of any CMRA repeater or system should be for the enjoyment of all radio amateurs and members of the CMRA.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me at K0PHP@... or (573)228-0240. Thanks!

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