Amateur Radio Traffic Handling for New (and not so new) Hams

Chris Swisher

I would like to invite all members of the CMRA and surrounding amateur radio operators to join me Wednesday nights on 146.76 (-600) PL 127.3 for a training opportunity on formal message handling. Have you ever wondered how a radiogram is composed, transmitted or received? How radiograms find their way across the continent (and world) to people who may or may not be hams? Why does the structure of a message promote error free exchange? The answers to these and other obscure facts will be presented in sessions after the weekly net on the Columbia repeater on a weekly basis. If you can participate, there will be certificates awarded to those who demonstrate a knowledge, skills and aptitude for providing a critical public service in Central Missouri. The sessions will be limited to thirty minutes, and questions and comments are encouraged. Please join us this Wednesday for an introduction and explanation of the coming (free) class.

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