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Hopefully I’ll be available as a traffic guy, home station..... That’ll put pressure on us to complete my shack.   Hopefully lots sooner right after it cools down some.     Corey

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Boone County MO ARES SET 2019


Boone County ARES (BCARES) in conjunction with Boone County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will hold the annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on November 9, 2019, 10:00 AM to Noon.


Objectives for this year’s exercise:

  1. Assess coverage and operation of the 146.610 MHz repeater with respect to OEM specified shelters across the county.
  2. Assess fill-in coverage of the county using 444.175 MHz repeater.
  3. Assess Winlink application email by RF from mobile operations.
    1. Utilizing Forms in Winlink Express
    2. Attaching files for delivery via Winlink
  4. Practice sending formal traffic via voice utilizing message formats from Radiogram and ICS213 forms.
  5. Track mobiles utilizing APRS.
  6. Exercise the WX0BC radio capacity in the Boone County Emergency Communications Center (ECC).
  7. Experiment with sending images via RF primarily SSTV.


OEM has identified 43 Red Cross sanctioned potential shelters across the county. You will be deployed to one or more of these locations where you will find a “data packet” with data and instructions for your traffic from that shelter. We will not be entering any shelters and expect your operations to be all from your mobile, or your choice of portable set-up in the parking lot of your shelter.


All amateur radio operators are encouraged to participate, and since we will primarily be on VHF/UHF frequencies all classes of operators will be welcomed.


November 9 may seem far off in the future, but you may need time to get the digital modes set-up on your VHF/UHF radio and all the right cables, etc. To this end, we will be providing some training sessions near the end of October to get your rigs and computers ready to go. Check out the ongoing training on passing message traffic via the Radiogram being offered immediately after the Wednesday night net, 146.760.


Please email me if you are planning on doing the SET this year, so I can assign everyone to an appropriate shelter(s).



Bill N0AXZ

Bill -- N0AXZ


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