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I honestly don’t know.  I know im using the General class and QRZ as a place to learn an understand.  Think it’s a grate start an then ask questions.  The way they explain things is very benifical.  I Know they been talking about doing an Extra Class too.  Just I use youtube a lot to learn different things.  So be cool if one day down the road. But o well.  I will be able to explain more later.  I think what you all talk about at the last grpup with Elmering is good.  But this could also just be others get to see their faces an see the instructor.  Some people have different learning styles.  So with that said you never know, one might not work very well with a person learning, someone else might.  You know how it is.  The General class im watching I learned a lot, but the 2nd instructor you could tell he was new.  But the first instructor he been doing it for years an had very good knologe.  Put his input on his excperince but also look like he been teaching awhile.  All I can say is the more education videos out their the better.  I know their been some ham things or videos by other hams I had a hard time sitting throught but others learned so much.   Haha but anyways im out.




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I like the way you think, but I'm not sure it's practical.  There would be permissions issues to have a class recorded at the Career Center, which is Columbia Public Schools property.  And one of the goals, as I understand it, is that Jim and Myron are there to answer questions and do immediate "Elmering" with the students.  You just can't get the one-on-one face time on YouTube that these guys put into their class.  That interpersonal connection is what creates and builds relationship and interest in the craft, which I believe was their goal from the beginning.


That's not to say that there wouldn't be value in having something like that available, but it sounds like HR2.0 already has that going on.  Is there something missing from their videos that you think our local instructors could add?


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Was wondering if you could all record the class. Because ham radio 2.0 on youtube dose an has at least 2 classes up on youtube. Think it be a grate way to also help educate others from Central Missouri an other places too.

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