Re: Ham Radio class question

James Whitehill


Thanks for the good questions and suggestions, and responses from others.

Setting aside the real problem of getting permission from Columbia Public Schools to video a whole course, I hesitate to video our Technician class because it is very interactive with members of the class, as contrasted to a scripted and efficient video production, like some ham radio instruction courses on YouTube.  In our advice sheet for the first class, we recommend the best of the practice tests and one or two of the instructional series videos.  We also use selected short YouTube videos in class, using the classroom PC to Projector setup.

Each class is topically structured (currently in line with Gordon West's Technician class study manual readings).   But. we have  a lot of interaction with class members.  We encourage interrupting questions and work as much as possible in an Elmer/mentor style.  Every class is different, depending on who is in it.

Jim, N0SSM

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