Ham Radio Repeters around Missouri


So I was looking at radio repeater book online, an then w0keh out of KC sent me the head radio page for Missouri. I sent a message to the person who runs the Missouri side because he had done a wonderful job on Missouri reperers, locations an the whole 9 yards, except let you know on the other pages it was this or that kind of repeater. What i mean is their no indication that it was a SKYWARN repeater. So for people like me that travel all over Missouri. Mostly to KC and STL, it be nice to try to hit other repeters where you might be going throught. But it be nice if they indicate the club repeters or if it is a SKYWARN repeater. Because then you know how to better use it. I try not to use SKYWARN unless I have to. Rather use a normal club repeater. But kind of cool seeing what's all just in Missouri or over the border states of Missouri for contacts. Just my thoughts as I learn more an see the locations of different repeaters as I may travel an find one day to use them. 
Cody Garrett

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