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I have had three similar units (also lead acid not Ni-CAD or Lithium-Ion) They work well when charged initially but do not hold a charge nearly as well or as long as one would like. 
I have heard the more expensive Lithium-Ion packs hold a charge better and last longer, but cost double that or more.
I even put a 12v feed to a lead acid jump kit I had in the back of the Range Rover and that one died after less than a year and a half.


On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 11:13 PM paul watt <pbw65@...> wrote:
Has anyone used one of these before?  It looks like a nice universal tool that could serve many tasks as part of a go kit.  Not really sure HbrFr is the best place to buy one but seeing it got me to thinking as a "nice to have" for the go bag.  Any thoughts?  

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