Re: Can Morse Code Help Your Brain?

Tim Spurgeon


I am interested! But the prices I see are around $1000 for Google Glass.


Tim E. Spurgeon

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I'll ask before the CW guys chime in (we all know their answer). And I know
listening to 7.200 at night what SSB operations can do to an alleged
functional brain.

I decided to make my last remaining neuron (Bessie) exercise a little more
by learning cw in a real, qualitative way. I want to do better than my
straight key, multiple mistakes at 10 wpm, any mode has to be better than
this, pain in the hind end - existence.

I bought a second hand MFJ-564 Iambic key at Raytown, which has a very nice
hamfest, by the way, just across the road from a great breakfast joint
named The Big Biscuit. I little cleaning, replace the 1/4" stereo plug with
a 3.5mm for the Kenwood TS-480HX, and find the right spot to plug it in.
Don't use "key", it will only get you a single contact to key the
transmitter. Look for the one labeled (you guessed it) "paddle". Now I get
to figure out what Iambic A and B means, how to set the speed, and -Holy
Smokes - I have three memories I can put up to 250 dots each into!
But I digress, how can something invented around the Civil Way era help me
keep my sanity?

If you said something about it, I wasn't listening. Sorry.

Yes, Virginia, there is a study out there that says you can stave off
dementia by learning a second language. Maybe this won't be a bad
experiment after all. Maybe in an era of dying languages, I can do my part
to preserve the lost language of the inconvenienced electron.

Or better yet, can I learn Morse Code without studying the AMECO charts and
playing those records for hours at a time in the upstairs bedroom? Why yes,
Virginia, it appears so!

Now, who has Google glass that wants to help in the experiment? My wife
could benefit from all this science going on! (But don't tell her just yet,
she has no idea about my relationship with Bessie.)

de K0PHP sk

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