Henry Taylor <hank008@...>

I am downsizing and have - for free - the following items.

Anything not taken before the middle of December will be trashed.

Kenwood sp-430 speaker
Kenwood ps-50 power supply - plug not for ts-440s
Astron rs-20m 12 V power supply
Yaesu FP-757hd power supply
Radio Shack scanner pro-2035
accu-track mini drive
Radio Shack antenna mast gable mount
micronta 12-volt power supply (NOT a battery charger)
Kenwood mc-85 mic
Kenwood LF-30a low-pass filter
Cables and manual for Yaesu FT-747gx radio but not the radio

There's lotsa little stuff too;  Eg, mag-mount 2-m and 2-m-440 antennas,
three HF whip antennas of known SWR, handy-talkies of various vintage,
etc.  if interested feel free to make a house call and do some looting
and plundering.  (email first to arrange).

Hank  KD0BVQ

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