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Thanks for the info. Still pretty new with DMR. 
Got the Any Tone 878 working with analog APRS.
I’m using an HT for position reporting and accessing local repeaters when I operate portable. 

72/73 de Bryan, k0emt

On Dec 11, 2019, at 22:32, Chris Swisher <Komu8ce@...> wrote:

DMR does not identify your transmissions for APRS. Among other features, DMR supports GPS position reporting. This was created for the Part 90 world, not ham radio. There is no provision for sending your ham radio call sign along with your position report so unlike with APRS, Part 97 ID requirements are not being met if your radio is making periodic position reports and you are otherwise not conversing and saying your call sign at the required times. Please take this into consideration if you activate GPS position reporting in your DMR radio and take action to stay in compliance.
Our preference is to transmit analog FM on 144.39 in the Central Missouri area for APRS.

K0SI Trustee

On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 9:48 PM Bryan Nehl <k0emt@...> wrote:
What are the preferred settings to use for APRS on the K0SI DMR repeater?

If it helps, I am working with an Any Tone 878.

72 de Bryan, k0emt

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