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Bryan Nehl <k0emt@...>

It is shack cleaning time.  So, I have some items for sale:

Elecraft K2/10 - $700
Options included: 160M, SSB, 20W Automatic Tuner Unit, Audio Filter + Real Time Clock, 
NB, RS-232 inteface, Battery Holder, MH4 mic, heavy duty side plates, K6XX tuning indicator, manuals.
List price ~$1750 --

Yaesu FT-817 - $650
Options included: W4RT One Big Punch speach compressor, W4RT Collins 500Hz CW filter, 
Portable Zero Escort Stand, MARS/CAP mod, Super Antennas side mount bracket, 
programming cable, Anderson Power Pole DC connector, original box.
List $900+ --

Kenwood TS-570SG - $450
HF/6M Transciever with AF-DSP, microphone, paddle and hand key jacks, dual antenna ports and automatic tuner.
In original box.  Includes printed manual and tech manual.  MARS/CAP mod.
Options included: SSB filter, 500Hz CW filter (one filter at a time), SP-23 Speaker

Yaesu FT-2DR $275
Dual band APRS/FM/C4FM Touch screen HT w/charger -- in original box
Options included: MARS/CAP mod.  Mic-adapter dongle, RT Systems software.

Kenwood TH-F6A $150
Tri band HT 2m/1.25/70cm w/charger -- in original box
Includes all-mode (SSB/CW/AM) receive capability, new port cover and keyboard
Options include: compact Kenwood speaker mic, MARS/CAP mod

4SQRP Hilltopper 20 - $95
20m QRP transceiver, VFO: Si5351 PLL, 14.000-14.350 coverage. 5W, Full QSK, 400Hz filter.
UNBUILT kit.  Includes K1SWL performance kit and custom chip for 600Hz sidetone.

QRP Labs QCX30 $85
5W full featured CW transceiver for 30m band.
Options included: Green display, silver/grey 3D printed case and Anderson Power Pole DC connector.

4SQRP Cricket 80A QRP Transceiver $30
Options included: w/4 Crystal board (has Coloburst and 3560, 2 open)

Radio Shack Pro-2067 Trunk Tracking Scanner $65
Includes mounting bracket, DC barrel connector terminated in Anderson Power Poles

Astron RS-20A Power Supply $50

Garming Nuvi 2597 LMT $50
Color touch screen GPS, life time maps and traffic.
Voice activated, can work as handsfree bluetooth for phone, wireless back up camera compatible.
Original box

All equipment is fully functional to the best of my knowledge.  Happy to demonstrate at time of as-is purchase.

72/73 de Bryan, k0emt@...

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