Christmas gifts

Henry Taylor <hank008@...>

Further digging discloses good stuff I have not used or even seen in
several years, free to first taker(s), Merry Christmas:

Wouxun KG-UVD1P handy talkie with rechargeable battery and chargers, and
a battery case that takes 5 AA batteries

Icom IC-V80 handy talkie, battery case takes 6 AA batteries,but the
rechargeable battery pack and charger nowhere to be found, sorry.

two Rigblasters:

1) Rigblaster Pro, uncertain vintage, black case measures 11 by 4
inches, have used a lot in the past, has cables and wall wart.

2) Rigblaster Plug & Play, never used, red case measures 3 by 2 inches. 
Gets power from USB.

TNC-X Coastal Chipworks packet modem built from kit with Don Moore's
help, known to be working but never used since.  No reception down here
in this hole.

I will be in Columbia this evening 7-ish, could meet somewhere
convenient for drop-off.  Convenient for me would be somewhere on the
east end of town, say, Clover's on Broadway or thereabouts.

Will also be in Columbia tomorrow Friday 7:30-ish on the west side of
town near Nifong and Stadium.


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