Florida Winlink Net Check-in

Jim Biggerstaff N0TKN

At the bottom of this message is a copy of the Florida Winlink Net Check-in reminder sent by the Net Manager each Sunday afternoon.  To check in you simply send a message to W4AKH with your formatted data in the subject line.  Unless there is a special assignment request in the check-in reminder, you need put nothing in the message area of the Winlink message.  I suggest you take it easy on yourself and try Telnet first.  An example of me sending a check-in via telnet follows:
To:  W4AKH
Subject:   FL WL, Jim, Jefferson City, MO, Telnet

Post it to your outbox and then connect via whatever mode you have stated and send it.  Late Tuesday or perhaps Wednesday each week you will receive a Winlink message detailing all the check-ins received from the previous net.  Next Sunday you will receive a reminder message via Winlink and you are now enrolled in the Florida Winlink Net Check-in.  I am hopeful they will also reinstate short homework assignments on the net check in.  Those were requested occasionally and consisted of a simple assignment such as attaching a weather report or ICS-213 to your checking.  It was a great learning tool.  About three months ago, the Net coordinator changed and those stopped.  I think he as been busy building a parsing program to automate the cataloging of each week's check-ins.  As you will see on the Tuesday report, the number of participants is increasing weekly.  There were about 10 operators each week when I started checking in a year ago last week there were 61.
73,  Jim 

***Sample reminder message copy follows ***
Sunday (early checkin) to late check-in  9AM Tuesday.
Thank you all for your enthusiastic and expert participation, 
=====FORMAT = = = 
SUBJECT: FL WL, Name, City, State, Mode**,  (RMS station or Path Optional)  (Commas & Spelling important)
**Telnet, Packet, Winmor, ARDOP, VARA, P2P, APRS; Pactor, MESH Etc...
* P2P TIMES - (comments appreciated)
If anyone wants to try to be a P2P check-in station for pratice even just one time, just ask... easy peasy.
=====P2P Times and Frequecies = = =
VARA HF 9:00  -13:00  EST 14,140 Center
VARA HF 17:00-19:30 EST 7,095
ARDOP 13:00-18:00 EST 7,120
Jim/KM4UFN for W4AKH

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