Re: BCARES Meetings and Activities amid COVID-19.


I get it and agree with your underlying point but must ask that you take care what you call a confirmed case.  You state in your message that the individual has not yet tested positive, so calling it a confirmed case is problematic. Bettter perhapps to call it a presumptive case instead.   ... brought to you by the pedantic responses department at KC0PAH :-)    

On Mar 18, 2020, at 7:24 AM, Gary Vaught - W9TIG <gdv.pops@...> wrote:
I would like to point out that my employer, MBS, has had an employee with a family member reported as a confirmed case of COVID19.  At last report, the employee was not showing symptoms and had not tested positive yet is still self-quarantined for the recommended 14 days.  Also, I don't know how close this relative is.  MBS has closed its facility for today and is sanitizing.   My point is this, this is a serious AND proximal issue for many of us.  And for those of us who believe we are healthy enough to survive this virus, we all have someone in our lives who is not.  Please be safe and mindful of those around you.

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