Re: RMS Relay Secure login failed. Incorrect password

Fred Dittrich


I failed to get any response at all from either K0SI-80m or K0SI-40m.


Fred AE0FD

At 11:21 AM 3/19/2020, you wrote:

I hope you checked into K0SI on 40M and 80M and got through fine??
I can't get NS0A to answer my connect request at all. So you are doing better than me there.
Haven't seen that error message either.

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 10:38 AM Fred Dittrich <fdittric@...> wrote:

So the issue is with the host and not with my configuration. Good.


Fred AE0FD

At 10:13 AM 3/19/2020, you wrote:
It looks like the node has a pawword issue with the Winlink server cloud.

Ralph Howard

From: <> on behalf of Fred Dittrich <fdittric@...>
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2020 9:19:25 AM
To: <>
Subject: [CMRA] RMS Relay Secure login failed. Incorrect password

I have never received this error message before. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is?



Fred AE0FD


*** Connected to Winlink RMS: NS0A @ 2020/03/19 14:12:01  USB Dial: 3586.000 at 2020/03/19 14:12:01
*** Station Bearing: 032,  Range: 204 miles
RMS Trimode Welcome to the NS0A Gateway in Geneseo,IL
AE0FD has 120 minutes remaining with NS0A
{SFI = 072 On 2020-03-19 11:00 UTC}
*** MTD Stats Total connects = 185 Total messages = 113
*** Today's Stats Total connects = 8 Total messages = 2
*** Current Propagation Indices SFI=72 A=6 K=2 Q=0.38
Message will be sent to a CMS through the Internet and also forwarded to the recipient via HF radio.
;PQ: 64890045
NS0A RMS Relay >
   ;FW: AE0FD
   [RMS Express-$]
   ;PR: 59219142
   ; NS0A DE AE0FD (EM38UX)
*** RMS Relay Secure login failed. Incorrect password. - Disconnecting (
*** Disconnected from Winlink RMS: NS0A @ 2020/03/19 14:14:46
*** Session: 2.7 min;  Avg Thruput: 0 Bytes/min;   1 Min Peak Thruput: 387 Bytes/min

Bill N0AXZ

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