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Ralph Howard

Good point Gary.
As I have moved around the country, I have belonged to many clubs.  The most common thing was the best clubs did something.
On club was quite techinal being in Silicon Valley.  They always had a speaker.  If there was no speaker planned, you might get a tap on the shoulder and just like that, YOU ate the speaker for the night.
In Shrieveport LA, they worked parades,  ? thons, and even the Independence bowl.  Sometims just a day in the park.  Bring your go kit, a fox, the kids.  It was for the whole family.  That club might have 40 to 50 people at a regular meeting. 

We have an opportunity to have a "Rights of Spring" social event.  Once this virus thing is over.  Say in May.  Need lots of picnic tables.

My $$0.02 worth.

Ralph Howard

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I know this isn't a new topic of discussion, but I think it needs to be brought back up.

What can we do to encourage the newly licensed hams to join the club?

What ARE we doing to encourage the newly licensed hams to join the club?

And an issue near and dear to my heart, what can we do to encourage more YLs and XYLs to get into ham radio, and join the club?

A generation or two ago, a lot of people (mostly young men) got into radio out of a technical curiosity or a desire to serve the community.  People used to care about their neighbors and community.  We just don't see that happening in this (or the previous) generation.  What else do we have to offer in this age of networked, cellular technology and "what can you do for me?" worldview.


Gary Vaught

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