Re: DRM Anytone 878



  Have you joined our discord channel, or maybe our facebook page - given the current state of the world, we might be able to help you better there.


On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 1:09 PM Cody via <> wrote:
I bought the radio off Amozon. It was cheaper than buying throught bridgecom themselves.  Thank you for the mode 0000. So it still not working. So think it's still something on my end... I'll keep watching bridgecom university classes. 
I apreceaite that patients with me an your all help. 
So I redo everything again. If possible I think it be cool to see how anyone else kind of set up theirs... I want the frequncy in an to male a contact on the DMR repater. An to learn how to do a basic program on the radio to do club meets eventually with you all an understand how to program channels. 
Thank you again, yall
Cody Garrett

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