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Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

Brian, and club,

The ARRL has made suggestions relating to doing Field Day differently this year. I am not sure what to plan for at this time. I will hope to get a good selection of comments at our Club meeting on the air (already different) this coming Tuesday night. Here is the latest from the ARRL on the subject:

2020 ARRL Field Day is June 27-28

ARRL Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in June.

Follow 2020 Field Day preparations with the stories below (more stories will be added every few weeks, so check back):

With 2020 ARRL Field Day – one of the biggest events on the Amateur Radio calendar – just about 12 weeks away, ARRL officials are monitoring this situation with the coronavirus very closely and paying close attention to all of the information and guidance being offered by the CDC's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

At its core, Field Day is a local event and an opportunity for local amateur radio clubs to showcase the skills, science and technologies that make radio communication such a wonderful hobby and a valuable public service. Since the impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been very different in different parts of the country, we recommend that all amateur radio clubs participating in Field Day be in regular contact with their local or state public health officials for their advice and guidance on hosting Field Day activities. This also offers an opportunity for amateur radio clubs to bolster or re-establish their relationships with local and state public health and emergency management officials.

Because of the unique circumstances presented this year, this can be an opportunity for you, your club and/or group to try something new.  Field Day isn't about doing things the same way year after year - use this year to develop and employ a new approach that is in line with our current circumstances.

Local club officials are the most appropriate people to be making decisions about their specific Field Day programs. We are all concerned about protecting the health and safety of those participating in or attending Field Day activities, and so we trust local club officials to take the appropriate steps to monitor local conditions and make decisions in the best interest of their communities.

ARRL officials strongly believe that following the guidelines of local, state and national health care professionals will help ensure everyone's safety in the coming weeks and months. 


Take the link to the April 21 letter and see that they are suggesting individual efforts in the name of the club.

It is hard  to imagine that we will be completely in the clear, and therefore expect to do what we always have done for Field Day. I will ask our ARES District coordinator if he knows of any other club's plans. I would like to see an accurate interpretation of the current "lifting" of some restrictions for Boone County that goes into effect tomorrow. I know they contend social distancing is still in force. 

I wish I knew what the situation would be at the end of May! At this point, I think my statement is: If they are having MLB with fans in the stands (Go Cards), we will have our Field Day much as we "normally" do. Short of that, I am not sure at this time what to plan for. (One idea that has come is to identify 5 different venues (my house, your house, Cosmo Park, RB Park, and some other good outdoors place e.g.) and assign 5 hams to each site and do Field day in a distributed processing manner.)  

It seems like for our club, FD has been very much a social time, and not a demanding  radio operational time (hard to get operators to sign up for a time on the radio making contacts), so the club might not want to do anything, if we can't all meet at RB Park and socialize around radios and food.

I am looking forward to seeing what the club wants to do for 2020-The year of COVID-19.

Bill N0AXZ--

On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 9:00 PM AD0UK <kc0sjs@...> wrote:
We are still planning on field day this year, Bill (NØAXZ) Please comment on what you might need for this, we will discuss it at the monthly meeting - which we will be on the 146.760 repeater again this month - with hopes to come back together in June.  We need to kick off the planning and ensure we have people aware that we are planning to operate for this event. 



Bill N0AXZ

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