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Thanks for all of the answers!

I'm currently sitting on my AnyTone D868-UV, my Yaesu FT-60, and a BaoFeng BF-F8HP.  All are dual-band, as most HTs are these days.  The AnyTone and the BaoFeng are both dual monitor.

I'm thinking that I can setup the Yaesu for the 61 repeater, the BaoFeng for the 76 repeater and monitor the 155 "open" transmissions or a weather alert freq, and have the AnyTone set for a couple of DMR channels that I haven't quite nailed down, as yet.  This would allow me to cover all of the bases (that I'm invested in) with my HTs.  I had thought that maybe it was a bit silly to have 3 at one time, but I'm beginning to see that isn't the case.

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On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 11:14 AM Corey <kc0yns@...> wrote:
Greeting Everyone,  I’m only actively using one,Maybe two HT’s.  Although like Ralph I’m probably sitting on at least twelve maybe more.  I even have a really old Kenwood dual band rigs when new sold for over five hundred dollars, it can do cross band repeat, along with many other features ahead of its time.     Corey

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