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KC0EZE Ernest Shaw

I can do that.  We starting tomorrow?


On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 1:05 PM Bill McFarland - N0AXZ <billmcfarland10@...> wrote:
Have you heard of Winlink Wednesdays?
I find that it has been going on for several years in some places. I thought we should try it our for our would be Winlink users.

It's purpose is to give the Winlink user a chance to practice and keep your Winlink operation going. If you are like me, I forget how to do something when I don't do it after a time (like a couple of days sometimes). Winlink Express software is updated regularly and the forms in the Templates section are updated often. You have to open Winlink Express to get these updates.

So I am asking the Winlink users to "check-in" to the Winlink Wednesday net with WX0BC.  That means for you to send a Winlink message to WX0BC, any time on Wednesday. The message should be the Winlink Check-in form found under Templates: Standard: General:. 

You can send the message anyway you like to get to the Winlink system. Locally, we have K0SI-10 (VHF-Packet), or on HF (K0SI 80M or 40M Ardop), or you can use any RMS gateway you can get to. And if you have trouble getting the message out RF, you can even use Telnet. Just address it to WX0BC.

On Thursday I will send a summary of our check-ins to the those whose check-ins I received at WX0BC. Some Winlink Wednesday nets have grown to more than 100 check-ins. I am NOT wanting that, just get the Central Missouri Winlnk users a chance to practice, so if we get a disaster that asks us to send data via Winlink we will be ready.
Bill N0AXZ

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