VE Testing Proposal

Jon Cole

Hello to our VEs,

I am proposing to offer testing this month in the parking lot for my office at 914 N. College Avenue, Columbia, on our usual third Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  This will be an outdoor test session offered by reservation only.  I expect to open it to only three people the first time so that we can work the kinks out.  I am proposing that we offer the tests only if the Boone County Health Department is currently authorizing groups of 10 or more.  If they clamp down on meetings/group sizes, we automatically cancel. 

The test session will be held outdoors for now.  Chris K0PHP has offered to supply a tent and tables and chairs that are easily wiped down, along with suitable spray sanitizer and paper towels.  I will prepare packages for testing ahead of time and safely file/mail the paperwork afterwards.  I will try to bring some bottles of hand sanitizer, but highly recommend that you bring some as well.  Masks will be required for all people attending and disposable gloves are recommended to cut down on seriously drying out the skin on your hands.  There is a dumpster in the parking lot for disposing of used items on-site.

If you are a VE and are willing to participate in a test session based on the previously distributed guidelines and the above addendum, please let me know so that I can contact some of the people in our backlog and set up some appointments.  If you have suggestions, let me know as well.  If this session goes well, we can schedule other dates and times to try to work our way through the backlog of interest.


Jon Cole, N0OFJ
VE Liaison


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