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Tim Spurgeon


Corey's (KC0YNS) death, like Joe Casler (N0JEC) caught me by surprise. I thought we had many days to walk the trail, together.

My fond thoughts of Corey include the fact that he was very knowledgeable HAM, and a smart trader of all things radio, with a garage and shed full of radio stuff to prove it. His wonderful (and spacious) radio shack that would fit 10-15 guys, to talk about radio, guns, and what ever topic came up; I think we solved the world's problems a couple of times. Finally, Corey was a generous person. One time we were talking about antenna building, in his radio shack. I mentioned that I was needing a SO-239 Coax connector. In the middle of our discussion, Corey wheeled over to one of his many bins, pulled out one and threw it to me - no charge!

73, my friend.



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Thanks for letting me know. I knew Corey for a long time before he got involved with Ham radio.

John Darby


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Has anyone heard that Corey has passed away? my neighbors are related to him and was telling me

that he had passed away earlier this week.



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