Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

Corey Mesenbrink, KC0YNS, passed away Thursday night, 5/28 2020 at his home. It was an accident in the home.


Most of you on this list would have known Corey, or talked with him on the radio. In the past year he was on DMR, BYRG, all the time, but before he temporarily lost access to his massive Shack, you heard him on many of the local repeaters, and faithfully delivering traffic on 3.963 MHz. He had a large complement of ham radios and antennas at his home near Hallsville. I called it RF Hill.


His email signature block read:

              DTS. Digital Traffic System

              RRI Radio Relay International

              Missouri Traffic Net 3.963

              Assistant Emergency Coordinator BCARES


And he was all that and more. He enjoyed buying and selling radios and gear, and attending hamfests when he was still able. He was always ready to offer a piece from his “junk” boxes to any who might need that piece. He enjoyed talking to people on the radio, and DMR gave him that chance from his wheelchair in the house.


He was instrumental in both local radio clubs in Columbia serving in several capacities for many years. He was an early adopter of Winlink using it for his digital traffic role. He had several linear amplifiers and didn’t believe much in QRP. He liked to have his 75M dipole good and resonant at 3.963 MHz, and insisted that K0PHP and I shorten the wires by 6 inches just last Saturday (5/23/20) to make him happy when he dumped his 1 KW amplifier on it. Guess that won’t happen now.


Rest in peace, my friend,

Bill N0AXZ

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