Re: VE Testing Tuesday Night



  Who do you have registered?  That will help to know if I need to tell the person who wants to test to contact you - if you want to send me their names in a private email, please do!! 



On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 3:55 PM Jon Cole via <> wrote:
Hello All,

The VE test session will be this Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in the parking lot behind my work at

Merebrook Land Surveying
914 N. College Ave., Suite 1
Columbia, MO  65201

I plan to be there by 6:00 to help Chris set up tents and tables as needed.

I have e-mailed the two people who have signed up for the session so far with instructions as to where to find the session and procedural information.  I did have several other people interested, but they all dropped out for various reasons, many of which will test at a later date.  We can comfortably accommodate two more examinees, if someone else wants to take a test on Tuesday. They just need to contact me.

(Please note that the ARRl website has messed up our listings on their calendar again.  They tried to fix it, but did not get it right.  I will email them again and see if we can get it right this time.)

Jon Cole, N0OFJ
VE Liaison
Central Missouri Radio Association
(573) 864-4551

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