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1). Not sure from the minutes why the trailer needs a new place to "live",  but there's plenty of space out here.  Where, b.t.w., the club's antenna tower and miscellaneous related cables etc have been safely stored since the day we took the tower down.  However, it is 15 miles out of town.  If rapid access in an emergency is an issue, this might not work.  If we're planning to get rid of it anyway .......

2). For what it's worth, I'm in favor of selling it.  It is and has been a financial burden to two cash-strapped clubs (BCARES and CMRA).  We have never had an emergency (since acquiring the trailer, anyway) that could have used it, and successful deployment seems unlikely given its chronic state of partial disrepair.

3).  If we decide to keep it I would advocate for a trailer-related fundraiser event for funds to bring it up to snuff and keep it that way in readiness.

4).  As I understand it, there are three other emergency communication trailers in Columbia, one for each of the hospitals.  I am aware of their variable past history of total non-repair and non-workability, but the Boone Hosp one was fully ready for immediate deployment and fully radio equipped the last time I inspected it.  I have heard that the debacle at UMHC has since been corrected as well.  Those institutions have better support and funding (well, potentially, anyway) than we can provide for our trailer, which would seem to be a duplicate.

Sorry, email longer than originally planned, but I consider my comments all relative to the issue, especially in the absence of other discussion.


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On Jun 26, 2020, at 10:48 AM, AD0UK <kc0sjs@...> wrote:

That is correct - I tabled it to allow sufficient time for members to be aware and comment on the motion, and allow ample time to consider the motion and support or argue against the motion.



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I believe a change of the minutes is required. Please note that I made a motion to sell the trailer, which was seconded by N0AXZ. Brain then tabled the motion, saying that insufficient comments on the motion prevented action, and that he mentioned that I should email the group soliciting comments. I suggested that the secretary of the organization generate the email, as I am not an officer with CMRA. There was no motion in that statement. I believe that the President tabled the seconded motion before discussion and before a vote could be taken.

Chris Swisher, K0PHP

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The June meeting minutes are available at . Click on June for 2020 to view
or download.

The May minutes have also been amended and can be found at the same page
link given above.


John, KC0HSB

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