KC0YNS Estate Sale

Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

The Estate is offering the sale of Corey's amateur radio equipment to the club members first on this coming Saturday, at 9:00 at his house. 

Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines, we are asking that you wear masks, and observe the one-wavelength at 144 Mhz distancing. We have not moved any equipment, so you will find it where Corey last used it, primarily in his shack/garage. This is not a big room, so we will restrict entry to 6  people at a time. Attached is a sheet showing many, but not all, of the things you will find there. With the help of K0PHP, there is an estimated value of each item given. These values are not totally firm, but we want to be fair to the estate. 
Not listed are the towers and antennas you will see outside. They are still in the air at this time, and disassembly has not yet been planned. 

Hope to see you there, Saturday 7/11/2020.

Bill N0AXZ

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