Re: K0SI packet down?

Don - KM0R

Hi Ryan,


Based on your location from the FCC database, you’ll have a better shot at hitting MJEF than going direct to K0SI-10 due to terrain.  A directional antenna might help that some as well. 


Try turning up the volume on your radio (assuming you are not using the speaker jack to hook up to your TNC), then listen to the exchange between you and K0SI-10 or MJEF.  Do you hear the other end respond each time you transmit?  If not, the other end may not be hearing your transmissions (or may not be decoding them).  Also, you’ll want to be sure that you are not overdriving your TNC with audio from the radio.  Overdriving the audio will distort the audio and make it hard for the other end to decode your transmissions.  You can also try lengthening your TX Delay setting a bit, usually 300ms is enough but no more than 450ms in my experience with packet.  If the TX Delay is too short, the other end doesn’t have time to sync onto your transmissions. 


Hope this helps! 



Don – KM0R


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Subject: Re: [CMRA] K0SI packet down?


I swear I replied to this already but I'm also having trouble. It takes about 5 attempts to completely send/receive. Seems like k0si-10 gives up and doesn't finish the transaction. 

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