Re: K0SI packet down?

Ryan Raney

Hi all,

Sorry to keep bringing this up but it seems like the problem isn't with K0SI-10, it may be with MMJY or MJEF. I went through the trouble to configure my bpq node as a RMS gateway on KE5SUI-10, and I have the same trouble connecting to it through MMJY or MJEF. For some reason MMJY and MJEF are both sending disconnect packets that I didn't tell them to before the transaction is complete.

If anyone has an intimate knowledge of packet radio I'd love to get their thoughts on the logs that have been posted in this thread, or some troubleshooting steps/ideal winlink settings. If anyone else can test connecting to K0SI-10 or KE5SUI-10 via MMJY or MJEF on 145.070 (instructions on how to do that also in this thread) to see if they have the same problems I'd also appreciate that as it could help narrow down if it's just me or not. 

Sorry for any unnecessary trips to the K0SI-10 gateway anyone may have taken. 



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