MJEF and K0SI-10

Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

Ryan, et al.
My simple test results:
Using 5W from home I can hit K0SI-10 directly and via MNJY. All is good, except of course via MNJY is about 3x slower.

At 5W via MJEF I got hung up in a loop from MJEF to K0SI and something created disconnect after much time of back and forth packets. MJEF's signal strength here was over S9. K0SI-10 also over S9 but the sound of the tones is slightly different so you can tell by listening which node is transmitting, 

At 35W via MJEF the first time was no disconnect, but a halt in valid traffic and Winlink Express just waiting after the F> command. Looking at K0SI-10 on the remote desktop showed that K0SI-10 had disconnected.
MJEF was still trying to send a packet.

Second trial, about 2 minutes later, MJEF at 35W sent all traffic exactly as MNJY had done, and mail was delivered.

I don't know if this helps you much, but I think it says that K0SI-10 and MNJY are working as expected, and MJEF is on the edge.

I can hit your BPQ well and tried leaving you a message, but forgot (AGAIN) how to end the message, then saw too late the reference to "/ex".
Will try that later today.
GL 73,
Bill N0AXZ

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